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About Us

Our story

A landmark year

It is a important year for us. It is a graduation, marriage and of course move to the city. At the same time these events have been very difficult and inspiring for me. I admire the Eastern culture, their language, lifestyle . My husband has his own desire to create very delicate and beautiful things. That are the first steps to creating Amala Sambar and laids the foundation for the companys philosophy. Certaintly many trials were still ahead, but the love of our work, respect for clients and understanding what we want to achieve, bring us pleasure.

Two years of hard work

For two years of Amala Sambar was formed by a small customer base, we understand what people want and how to give it. Staff of the company has increased to several people. We know that there are no limits for perfection. Therefore our team always listens to advice clients. Due to demanding customers we got a great experience. Thank you, You make us better.

Internships abroad and new equipment

This year was a new stage in the development of Amala Sambar. Much of the team held training abroad. We also bought new equipment, allowing us to achieve a higher technological level. In addition Amala Sambar surprise you with its exclusive work. We were able to reach a new professional level.

Design department

The quality of the performance, accuracy, clarity of lines and the right technology and carefully designed jewelry - these are the main characteristics of the work of Amala Sambar. Every client feels confident that the work done exclusively for him and the work performed skillfully and accurately. During this period appears design department of Amala Sambar. To justify your trust, we develop a variety of client applications. It is also the first attempt to establish production between Ukraine and Great Britain.

Production and communication of Ukraine-United Kingdom is established

2013year for Amala Sambar – this is again expanding team, appears more jewelers, designers and marketing department. For better communication with customers and understanding more and more requirements for making ornaments and service, Amala Sambar placed in social networks. (Facebook and Twitter). Creation of exclusive projects to develop new collections.

Our team

Diana Gavrilyuk

Art Leader

Viktor Gavrilyuk

Jeweler-fashion designer

Yaroslav Lanoviy

The marketer

Maria Kwiatkowska


Anna Thomin

Specialist in wax

Andrew Sirko


Ivan Kovalchuk

Jeweler-fashion designer

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