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Making jewelry cufflinks with your initials

Amala Sambar

Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Vob A11
Weight: average weight of a set of 15 grams..
26,040.00 грн
Consultation №1 Consultation №1
Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Con 01
Professional advice of a jeweler.16 years of experience in the jewelry industry, namely with individual production, art higher education. Only quality services.Free consultation of a jeweler Online. Record by specified contacts. Importantly! It is not possible to determine whether we will be able to..
0.00 грн
Covid 19 vaccine pendant Covid 19 vaccine pendant
Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Upd B09
Covid 19 vaccine pendant..
580.00 грн
Crescent earrings with patterns Crescent earrings with patterns
Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Upd B05
Crescent earrings with patterns..
2,727.00 грн
Dagger Dagger
Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Jew A05
Wax model:(2 pieces)Individual modeling:-Master model:-..
0.00 грн
Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Gdn A05
Weight: average weight 16 gramsSample: 585Inserts: zirconia..
29,904.00 грн
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