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Consultation №4

Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
Consultation №4
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How to buy jewelry from Amala Sambar?
You can buy original Amala Sambar products only on this site, on the official social networking pages by following the links in the Contacts section and in the stores listed in the Contacts section.

Professional advice of a jeweler.

16 years of experience in the jewelry industry, namely with individual production, art higher education. Only quality services.

Review 6 items (either silver or gold) + cleaning. Includes 3% discount on services recommended by the jeweler. 

Probably everyone from time to time has a question "and what to do with it?", Which can apply to any area of ​​life. Including jewelry. Therefore we offer a new and already tested service "Consultation of the jeweler №4" which provides

1 - professional advice of a jeweler

2 - cleaning of inspected products (up to 6 items in a single service order)

What does it mean:

- The jeweler carefully examines your products under a microscope
- provides comprehensive information on each product that needs to be repaired, soldered, reworked, replace the stone, whether to restore the second earring, whether it is possible to replace a part, etc. etc.
- how you can update this set of jewelry (make hanging earrings from a chain that you do not wear, remake earrings if bad fasteners on the pendant and brooch, and so on) Everything is very, very individual. And believe me, there are many options.
- cleaning of products up to 6 positions (the method is determined according to the needs and condition of the products) It can be polishing, gouging, cleaning in an ultrasonic sink with the addition of special tools, cleaning with professional chemicals for jewelry care)


- Live review only. We do not conduct online consultations on a photo if it is impossible to fulfill 2 points and to execute 1 qualitatively.
- consultations by appointment only
- the price does not include repairs, manufacturing or new stones
- we give a 3% discount on the services recommended by the jeweler
- products from one metal (ie separately gold, separately silver) are simultaneously served in one service order

Importantly! Consultations are held in turn by appointment at the specified contacts. Prices are as of 20.08.2020

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