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Making jewelry cufflinks with your initials


Only the exclusive packaging of your jewelry. Wooden boxes with laser engraving of your names and dates of celebration, corduroy to emphasize the tenderness of feelings, and lace pouches are not only beautiful but also convenient.

Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Pak A02
Box of long-velvety velvet for presentation and storage of rings...
770.00 грн
Brand: Amala Sambar Model: Pak A01
A wooden box with laser engraving in French "écoute ton coeur ...", which in Ukrainian means "listen to your heart ..." and a refined mandala pattern that love blossoms in your heart. Suitable for packing and storing different sizes of jewelry. The box size is external ~ 8 * 8 cm internal ~ 6 * 6 cm..
1,230.00 грн
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